Turkey stops Genk residents on their way to Syria

Last week, three Genk residents were denied access to Turkey at the Greek-Turkish border. One of them was on a list of possible candidates to join the civil war in Syria, to fight the Assad regime, Het Belang van Limburg reports.

The man is a 26-year-old with Italian roots who adopted the islamic faith. He was put on a list of persons that the Belgian authorities sent to Turkey, with the request not to let them enter the country to prevent them from joining the civil war. The Belgian authorities are afraid that the civil war might speed up the process of radicalisation, which can have consequences when they return to Belgium. 

According to Het Belang van Limburg, the young man was accompanied by his father and a third person whose identity is unclear. The three have returned to Belgium. They have not committed a criminal act and have not been detained.

Genk Burgomaster Wim Dries (Christian democrat) says that the local authorities are on the alert. "If we receive signs of radicalisation, we report this to the authorities. It seems that this is working", he told the VRT.