South-Korea to open cultural centre in Brussels

South-Korea is to open a cultural centre in Brussels at the end of November. The new cultural centre will be located in the Zavel area (Sablon), opposite the Zavel Church, reports.

In surface, South-Korea is only 3 times bigger than Belgium, but it has 50 million inhabitants compared to Belgium's 11 million. Still, many western people are not familiar with South-Korean culture as such - they mainly associate the country with car builders Hyundai or multimedia giants Samsung - a gap the Korean Foreign Office wants to fill by opening a new cultural centre.

"We already have a cultural centre in different other European cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow and Istanbul. South-Korea also wants to be present in the capital of Europe", spokesman Lennert Daeleman told Brusselnieuws.

The cultural centre will be housed in a multifunctional building that can host exhibitions, concerts or other events. It will also include a library with Korean books - 150 of which in European languages - and DVDs. If all goes well, the Korean centre will be opened on 24 November.