Drug Rooms for addicts in Ghent?

Ghent city council adopted a new drugs plan last night that includes a feasibility study on the creation of special drug rooms where addicts can do drugs with a greater degree of safety. The Ghent authorities also want to examine whether the creation of such drug rooms is desirable.

Ghent drug co-ordinator Filip De Sager: "The drug room will allow addicts with a drug problem to do drugs in a safe and healthy environment. On the one hand their safety and health will be the priority, while on the other the disruption they create in the neighbourhood will be reduced."

The drugs plan includes seven priorities: Ghent will in future also do more to tackle alcohol abuse by seniors. Prevention, early interventions and education support for groups that are hard to reach are also on the agenda.

The opposition Flemish nationalists of N-VA and far right Vlaams Belang abstained in the vote on the new Ghent drug plan. A spokesman for the N-VA said that the plan contained beautiful declarations of intent, but no concrete measures. The party favours greater law enforcement and allowing local residents to have their say.