"Belgian traffic offenders discriminated"

According to the Belgian Motoring Organisation Touring, Belgian road traffic offenders are being discriminated towards foreign traffic offenders. Touring claims that Belgians are paying up to 60 euros more for a speeding offence.

The number of speed cameras in Belgium has seen a spectacular rise over the past years. This means that chances of getting caught red-handed when driving too fast, have grown. Touring says that an increasing number of foreign motorists are being caught, but that they get away with lower fines. This is especially the case with heavy offences.

A heavy offence - exceeding the speed limit with more than 20 km/h or jumping the red light, for example - leads to a minimum fine of 390 euros for a Belgian, but this can climb to 3,000 euros. Moreover, Belgian drivers risk losing their driving licence.

Foreign drivers however get away with a fine of 330 euro, Touring claims. Chances of their driving licence being suspended are smaller, and if this happens, it only applies to Belgian territory. Moreover, Touring adds, chances that the case is being taken to a police judge, is a lot smaller for foreigners. A trial can cost a pretty penny.