Was "Maribor miracle" a case of matchfixing?

A documentary by the German public broadcaster ARD suggests that players were bribed for the Europa League tie between Slovenia's Maribor and Belgium's Club Brugge. FC Bruges have denied the rumours.

30 November 2011. Club Brugge are 3-0 behind in their Europa League match in Maribor. However, the final quarter of the match sees a spectacular comeback by the Bruges side. The visitors score 4 times in less than 20 minutes to take it 3-4. The Flemish press later dubbed this spectacular turnaround "the Maribor miracle".

Rudolf Stinner, a former UEFA employee who is specialised in cases of bribery and matchfixing, told the ARD that strange things happened. "The evening before the match, a source from the Balkan countries told me that I should keep a close eye on the game. I was told that the visitors would win the tie. Considering how thing worked out during the match, this meant that Bruges had to score 4 times in 20 minutes. My source told me that high bets were being placed on this scenario. One team would take a big lead, but lose the match in the end."

The VRT sports desk reports that UEFA looked into the case already, questioning some people linked to the Maribor football club. However, no evidence of matchfixing was found. 

FC Bruges was not involved in the investigation and was not officially informed. The club did not want to react in front of the camera, but issued a statement on the club's website, saying that it was never involved in an investigation. "And even if it would turn out that it's a case of matchfixing, Club Brugge is not involved in this in any way."