Lots of storms and low humidity

As regards the weather, October 2013 will go down in the history books for two reason: the abnormally high number of days on which storms were recorded and the relatively high humidity levels. According to figures from the Met Office in Ukkel (Greater Brussels), 10 of last month’s 31 days were “storm days”, something that is “most unusual”. For the Met Office to class something as being “most unusual”, it has to be a phenomenon that only occurs on average once a decade.

This year’s October storm day figures equal a record set back in October 1981. There are storms on just 6 days in an average October.

Meanwhile, relative humidity levels were also “very abnormal” at just 82%, 3% below the normal October average of 85%.

At 12.8°C the average temperatures was abnormally high. Normally, October temperatures average just 11.1°C. Average minimum temperatures were also abnormally high at 9.5°C. This is 1.7°C higher than the normal average of 7.8°C.

The average minimum temperature (16.3°C), the 109.5 hours of sunlight, the 19 days of rain and the 77.5mm of rain that fell were all normal figures for October.