Fine for failing to use zipper method

The Belgian Mobility Secretary Melchior Wathelet Junior is preparing a royal decree that will oblige drivers to merge using the zipper method or face a fine.

Everybody will recognise the traffic situation when two or more lanes of traffic have to merge because of lane closures ahead. Many motorists get angry when drivers fail to use the zipper method and don't take turns merging into one lane and carry on driving until there is no alternative.

Motorists failing to merge could in future risk a 55 euro fine.

The Flemish Roads Agency says that the zipper method works best when drivers start to slow down to the same speed as motorists in the other lane some 300 metres before a lane closure. If this happens it's easy to use the zipper method to merge some 50 metres before the lane closure.

The organisation warns that there is no point to early merging and that the system totally breaks down when drivers won't let others merge.