Belgium cedes territory to the Netherlands

As the border between Belgium and the Netherlands is being moved, some 14 Belgian hectares are ending up in Dutch hands. That's according to a report in La Libre Belgique. The change is directly linked to the River Maas.

The area is situated in the north-eastern part of Liège province and the western part of the Dutch Limburg province. The border between the two countries is marked by the River Maas, a decision that goes back to 1843 when it was decided where the border would be situated.

However, the course of the stream was moved at a later stage. A natural area that covers some 14 hectares - which equals 34 acres or  2,5907 square feet - thus ended up in Dutch hands. It's close to the municipality of Wézet. Burgomaster Marcel Neve told La Libre that he has no objections.

In fact, the accord about an "official" change comes years after a part of the river was relocated. Between the 60ies and the 80ies, the course of the river was straightened, as a result of which a small area - a natural area - became Dutch territory.