Record number of Belgian students in the U.S.

Some 900 Belgian students registered at an American university for the past academic year (2012-2013). That's according to the report "Open Doors 2013", which investigates student mobility, and which was released by the Institute of International Education. The number of almost 900 is a record high for Belgium.

Over 800,000 students, including 894 Belgians, registered to follow courses at an American university or college. The most popular destinations among Belgian students are New York, Harvard (photo), Stanford, Columbia and Chicago. Most foreign students in the U.S. are from China (29 percent) and India (12 percent), with "Business and Management" being the most popular course.

On the other hand, the number of American students in Belgium was more or less status-quo at 1,300 in the past academic year. Most American students choose the U.K., followed by Italy, Spain and France. They most often opt for social studies.