"Your Majesty, don't add BMW to your list of Royal Suppliers"

The Belgian environmental pressure group BBL has urged King Filip in an open letter not to appoint the German car builder BMW as a Royal Supplier. The letter is signed by BBL chairwoman Vera Dua - a former Flemish Environment Minister.

The BBL points out to the king that "receiving the status of Royal Supplier does not only imply that a company has to meet the highest standards, but also that it should take its responsibility towards society seriously."

The environmental activists of the BBL are unhappy about a decision concerning the emission of new cars. Europe almost reached a strict climate deal on the matter, but ultimately the German government and Angela Merkel made a U-turn, which is why the deal fell through. Germany wanted "more time to adapt to the stricter regulations."

The incident convinced the BBL to put pressure on King Filip not to pick the German car builder BMW as a Royal Supplier. "Everyone has a role to fulfil in a sustainable environment: the government, the citizens and the companies - especially when they act as Royal Suppliers."

The Bond Beter Leefmilieu is asking the royal family "to seize this opportunity to send a strong signal to companies that are not making enough efforts in the field of sustainability."