“Brussels has more Michelin stars than Berlin”

The new Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg came out on Monday. Two restaurants (Bon-Bon in Brussels and Bartholomeus in Knokke-Heist) have been given two Michelin stars for the first time. The 2014 Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg was presented at the Horeca Expo trade fair at Flanders Expo in Ghent (East Flanders).

The restaurants De Karmeliet and Hertog Jan in Bruges (West Flanders) and Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem (East Flanders) all retain their three stars. 19 other restaurants are given a Michelin star for the first time.

According to the guide "The Bon-Bon in Brussels has grown into one of the best establishments in the country. Its chef Christophe Hardiquest brings quality produces to a superior taste level thanks to his characteristic creativity and technical skill.

Bartholomeus in the West Flemish resort of Knokke-Heist was awarded two stars thanks to its chef Bart Desmidt’s “fine dishes that excel through their harmony of tastes”.

There are 19 restaurants that have been given their first Michelin star. The restaurants in Flanders and Brussels that now have a star are L’épicerie du Cirque (Antwerp), The Glorious (Antwerp), Hofke van Bazel (Bazel, east Flanders ), Villa Lorraine (Ukkel, Brussels, WY (Brussels), La Belle (Geel, Antwerp province), De Kristallijn (Genk, Limburg), Horseele (Ghent, East Flanders), Vrijmoed (Ghent, East Flanders), De Verborgen Tuin (Geraardsbergen, East Flanders), Vous Lé Vous (Hasselt, Limburg), La Source (Lanaken, Limburg), Cuchara (Lommel, Limburg) en Ciccio (Knokke-Heist, West Flanders).

A total of 132 restaurants in Belgium now have at least one Michelin star. This is up 19 on last year.

More stars than Berlin, Rome and Milan

The man in charge of the Michelin guides Michael Ellis told journalists that “This new selection is a good reflection of the culinary scene in Belgium and Luxembourg in general and in Brussels in particular”.

"With 18 restaurants having one Michelin star and one restaurant having two stars, the Belgian capital now has more Michelin stars than Berlin, Rome and Milan”, Mr Ellis added.