But are the Flemish happy?

Barely half of all Flemings have a positive attitude towards the future. This being said 60% of Flemings say that they feel happy and that is a big increase in comparison with last year.

In 2012 only 46% of those that took part in the poll commissioned by the Christian health insurance fund said that they felt happy.

The fund's Marc Justaert: "It looks like Flemings have gotten used to the idea that we are going through hard economic times. A fifth of people who took part believe they could lose their job his year. Last year the figure was a third!"

17% of Flemings say that they are unhappy. It's especially people who are not well off financially, like the unemployed and people on low income, who are not that happy.

"Divisions are opening up in our society. Efforts should be redoubled to get the unemployed work if this is possible."

Mr Justaert adds that apart from a person's financial situation his or her attitude also plays a crucial role when it comes to feeling happy: "We should invest in prevention. Give people the opportunity to change their situation. Your job situation can determine your happiness, but your personal attitude too can play a decisive rôle."