Bruyneel: “I’ve had it with cycling”

The former Manager of the fallen cycling god Lance Armstong, Johan Bruyneel has ruled out a return to cycling. Speaking from his home in the British capital London, 49-year-old Johan Bruyneel said that he was tired of the negative image that had been created of him. “I don’t see myself as the devil incarnate”, Johan Bruyneel told the Luxembourg broadcaster RTL.

Since the publication of a crushing report slamming both himself and Lance Armstong, Johan Bruyneel has always been reluctant to give interviews.

However, the 49-year-old Fleming, who has never admitted that Armstrong took performance-enhancing drugs, granted RTL Luxembourg an interview at his London home.

In the interview Johan Bruyneel says that he regrets the negative image that has been created of him.

"I don’t see myself as the devil incarnate. That is how people portray Lance and I, like we are the baddies, but that is not fair.”
"But that’s how society works. If there is a problem, the easiest way to tackle it consists of putting the blame on to one individual.”

"I don’t see any change, regardless of the result of the Usada investigation or whatever complaint has been lodged against me. Over the past few weeks I’ve started to realize that I’ve had it with cycling. I want to turn the page and that’s what I’m now trying to do.”

Speaking about the new UCI Chairman Brian Cooksoon, Johan Bruyneel said that the Englishman is the right man to lead world cycling.

"He is definitely the right man in the right place”, Johan Bruyneel told RTL.