Rent subsidy increased in Vlaamse Rand, Ghent and Antwerp

The Flemish Government has decided to allow more people to benefit from rent subsidy. In future people who have been waiting for social housing for only four years will be able to apply for the subsidy. Until now only those who had been in the queue for five could benefit.

Some 4,000 people should benefit if they rent accommodation in a certain market segment.

The rent subsidy was introduced in 2012 for low earners in the social housing queue. The grant is 120 euros a month plus 20 euros per child. The government is also increasing the maximum rent that you must not exceed in order to qualify to 560 euros.

In places where rented accommodation is more expensive, the Vlaamse Rand around Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp and other market towns the maximum ceiling is increased by a further 10%. There the grant will be 10% higher too! The grant will also rise in line with inflation and will be paid monthly in future.

Local housing associations will be able to inform you if you qualify for other housing grants.