Did Belgian aficionado take it one step too far?

A local resident in Belgium's East Cantons painted his house in black, yellow and red as he is an ardent fan of the Belgian national football team. However, his initiative attracted so many media that it also caught the attention of the local municipalities. As the new colours clash with local town and country planning regulations, the man may have to repaint his house.

Wilfred Thelen from Sankt Vith is an ardent fan of the national football team, dubbed the Red Devils. He also took the initiative for a local fan club. Last summer, he decided to paint his house in the colours of the Belgian flag as a tribute to the Red Devils.

However, as the stunt attracted various media, it also caught the attention of the local municipalities. According to local regulations, all houses in Sankt Vith must have a greyish colour. Thelen got an official letter from the local authorities, which ordered him to repaint his dwelling.

However, Wilfred is still hoping to reverse the decision. He points to an exception clause that allows "aesthetic exceptions for colours that are in harmony with the neighbourhood". "What can be more harmonious than our national colours black, yellow and red?" he argues. "My house is quite remote. Only my neighbours could be bothered, but they have no objections."