Het Laatste Nieuws receives bullet for Bart De Wever

The daily Het Laatste Nieuws received a threatening letter containing a bullet on Thursday. The letter targeted the leader of the Flemish Nationalist party (N-VA) and Antwerp Burgomaster Bart De Wever. The author calls Mr De Wever "our biggest enemy" and lashes out at his right-wing ideas, such as scrapping unemployment benefits after a certain lapse of time.

The author (who signed the letter H.L.V.S.) starts by saying that "we as unemployed people are sick of being considered as people who are abusing the social welfare system by those that still have a job. However, if the day comes that they will also lose their job, they will be happy to realise that there is a social security system. In the meantime, many have their benefits reduced or suspended; the unemployed didn't ask for this and for certain groups, it's not easy to find a job."

In the second paragraph, the writer sends a threatening message. "In the case of more suspensions, we will not refrain from using violence in RVA offices (the federal employment service, red) and we will also target our biggest enemy, the N-VA, with Mr Bart De Wever who only focuses on the rich, making the poor even poorer."

It's not the first time Mr De Wever has received threats. He has been enjoying police protection for some time now. At one stage, he even found a pig's head on his driveway. It also seems there is no link with the author of the threatening letter that targeted Princess Elisabeth.