"Belgium remains the country of traffic jams par excellence"

On average, Belgian motorists spent 1,470 hours in traffic jams so far this year. That's according to figures supplied by the Belgian Motoring Organisation Touring for the first 10 months of this year. The figure is up on last year, but this doesn't mean a record has been set, as 2010 was even worse.

Traffic congestion problems start earlier and once we are stuck in a traffic jam, we are stuck for a longer time. The worse figures for this year compared to last year, can be explained by the bad weather, says Danny Smagghe of Touring. We had snow on many occasion in winter, even in March.

However, there is more. "The longest traffic jams on our roads last longer. This has to do with the incidents that produce on our motorways: when an accident happens, it takes too long to get the road cleared again. This is due to inefficient management. We see that neighbouring countries are much more efficient in handling  incidents", explains Danny Smagghe.

"We can say that Belgium remains the country of traffic jams par excellence. As long as the different governments are not making enough efforts to solve the present problems, the tailbacks will keep on growing. More focus should be put on alternatives for taking the car, in order to change people's behaviour."