"We need better checks on bogus offers"

The organisation of the self-employed, Unizo, wants the government to step up checks during the sales period that is coming up after the New Year. Unizo is pressing for better checks on what it calls "fake bargains". Unizo is believed to have the support of 70 percent of the fashion shops, De Zondag reports.

After the Christmas shopping, it's time for the traditional January sales. This year, the sales period starts on Friday 3 January, lasting almost a month.

"We are seeing too many announcements of big sales where consumers are being misled", Unizo argues. "In some cases, the "old" prices that are used as a reference have never existed, in other cases buyers are tempted with mega bargains, but in the shop itself it turns out that these apply to a very small fraction of the total stock."

Unizo is asking the federal department concerned with Checks and Mediation to keep a good eye on things during the upcoming sales. "This is both in the interest of consumers and of vendors that do play it fair."