"Give a child two lesbian mums from the word go"

Belgian children will soon be able to have two mothers without any complicated adoption procedure having to be followed first. The Flemish Christian democrat party has just tabled legislation that will allow lesbian partners of women who give birth to be recognised as a child's mother from the minute the birth is registered.

Lesbian partners of women who give birth still face discrimination in Belgium. They do not enjoy the same rights as a Belgian woman's straight partner and are obliged to adopt if they want to be recognised as a child's parent. The governing Flemish liberals earlier tabled their own proposal, but this was rejected by the Christian democrats that have now come up with a bill of their own.

Lawmaker Sonja Becq: "A lot of lesbian couples have kids, but it can be very challenging if you have to adopt a child that you both wanted before you can be properly accepted as its parent."

Ms Becq believes a change in the law will offer greater security for the children because without official recognition of the child there is no legal bond between child and the natural mother's lesbian partner.

The Christian democrats are setting a limit to the number of parents a child can have: it's either two mothers or a mother and a father.

The liberals are keen to back the proposal. They say the most important thing is to find a solution, not the way the solution is found.