88 tons of drug refuse found in Port of Antwerp

Federal police say that last year eight trailers containing chemical waste originating from illegal synthetic drug production were dumped in the port of Antwerp. The waste comes from illegal drugs labs where XTC and amphetamines are produced.

The clean-up operation cost the Antwerp taxpayer 100,000 euros.

Federal police officer Stanny De Vlieger: "The number of chemical labs continues to rise and so does the amount of chemical waste."

No drug labs were discovered in the Antwerp area last year, so the suspicion is that the refuse originated north of the border.

Stanny De Vlieger: "In all 88 tons of chemical waste were dumped. This phenomenon has been on the rise since 2011. This is probably due to the use of raw materials that are semi-legal. Often it's legal to possess the ingredients, but illegal to make any use of them. Moreover criminal gangs are exceptionally innovative. As soon as one product is banned they go in search of another that allows them to produce more synthetic drugs."