Top Chef with Elio Di Rupo pulled from our screens

The Belgian-Luxembourg broadcaster RTL-TVi has confirmed that the Prime Minister, Elio Di Rupo, will not appear on the popular culinary programme Top Chef after all. The announcement comes after an earlier appearance of the Belgian Premier on the entertainment programme Sans Chichis on public Francophone television, the RTBF.

Mr Di Rupo's appearance on Sans Chichis (Without Any Fuss) drew the ire of the Francophone liberals, who had not been invited onto the programme. They complained that Wallonia had become a kind of North Korea. Deputy Premier and leading Francophone liberal Didier Reynders: "The RTBF is somewhat like North Korea: one man, one party."

RTL has confirmed that an episode of Top Chef featuring Mr Di Rupo was recorded last July, but because of restrictions governing the appearance of politicians on TV in the run up to the election it will now not be aired.

Belgium goes to the polls on 25 May to elect a new European and Federal Parliament as well as devolved assemblies.