Belgium 4th in Oxfam's 'Good Enough to Eat' food index

The kingdom of Belgium has come home in fourth position in the 'Good Enough to Eat' food index compiled by the charity Oxfam. Oxfam says that food in Belgium is still more expensive than in neighbouring countries, but Belgians spend a far smaller share of their income on food than people in Africa.

The index compares the challenge of getting hold of food in 125 countries. The index looks at the following questions: Have people got enough to eat? Can people afford food? Is it good quality food? What impact is food having on their health?

The Netherlands heads the ranking. There food is sufficient in supply, of high quality, healthy and affordable. The survey does not say anything about the taste of the food on offer. Apart from Australia - ranked 8th - all other countries in the Top 20 are European nations. The US where unhealthy eating habits prevail comes home on the 21st spot.

In Burundi, Yemen, Madagascar and India people have a hard time getting hold of enough food. The US, Mexico and Saudi Arabia have the highest levels of obesity. In both categories Belgium posts pretty average results. Iceland is the best country for food quality.

Oxfam's Thierry Kesteloot says that inequality and poverty are the main causes of hunger: "A large part of the world lacks sufficient healthy and affordable food."

The Oxfam campaign 'Growth' calls for changes to the way food is produced and distributed to put an end to the scandal that means that one in eight of the world's people remains hungry, though enough food is available worldwide.