1 in 2 burglaries is the work of crime gangs

Almost half of all the burglaries committed in Belgium, can be attributed to criminal gangs that are constantly on the move. The figure climbed dramatically over the past couple of years, Het Laatste Nieuws reports, citing statistics released by Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet.

Criminal networks set up marauding gangs, mostly employing foreigners. 1 in 5 cases involves minors.

Eddy De Raedt of the Belgian federal police unit highlights the way that is being dealt with these minors as the biggest problem. "In fact, minors are enjoying a certain kind of impunity, as a result of which the police can't really tackle the problem." Minors that get caught red-handed, have to appear before a juvenile court, but judges can't take structural and proactive measures as they can for other delinquents, Mr De Raedt explains.