How do you jump the queue for a Tomorrowland ticket?

Three Flemings who have managed to jump the online queue to buy tickets for the Tomorrowland dance festival have explained how they set to work. They insist that what they did was entirely legal.

Kristof Vosters told the broadcaster Studio Brussel that the most important thing is to connect to the ticketing system at the right time. "We discovered that the page refreshed every two minutes and that there was a six second delay in dispatching a reply. By refreshed our browser at 10.57 and 54 seconds we ended up at the front of the queue" he told the broadcaster.

The three guys posted their technique online because they believe ticket touts used the same procedure to get hold of tickets.

Last Saturday all 180,000 tickets set aside for the Belgian market were sold online in barely half an hour. A similar number of tickets will be up for grabs worldwide next Saturday. Tomorrowland has promised to take action.