World record water condom fight for the VRT

The VRT has set the world record for fights using condoms filled with water. An advert for condoms produced by manufacturer Durex shows how youngsters fail to give a passer-by an unexpected shower because their condom that is filled with water is too strong.

The VRT consumers' programme Volt wanted to check this out and also attempted to set the world record for a water fight with condoms. In the event 343 condoms filled with water were chucked at the presenter securing the world record for the VRT. This wasn't as difficult as you may imagine as nobody had ever bothered to set a world record for this activity before.

Volt, however, did discover that the advert was somewhat misleading as many of the condoms ruptured. The Volt test also revealed that Durex condoms are not the strongest ones. That honour went to the condoms sold by the Dutch supermarket giant Albert Heijn.