Brussels Mayor bans Vlaams Belang's anti-illegals campaign

The Mayor of the City of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur (Francophone socialist), has refused to grant permission for the Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang to take its campaign against illegals to the City of Brussels on Wednesday. Mr Mayeur believes that the campaign smacks of xenophobia and that there is a serious risk that public order could be disturbed.

In coming weeks the Vlaams Belang is taking its illegals' campaign to the Flemish cities of Antwerp, Mechelen, Vilvoorde and Ghent. The Flemish far-right had wanted to include the Belgian and Flemish capital on its itinerary, but the mayor has now stepped in to prevent this because of the nature of the posters that the party is eager to stick on its campaign vans.

The posters include the legend: "Illegal? Go home or to jail!" and give the phone numbers of the Asylum and Migration Secretary and the toll free number operated by the Fedasil, Federal Agency for Asylum, where you can receive information about voluntary returns.

Mayor Mayeur: "The slogan is a violation of anti-racism legislation. There's also the chance that the action could be provocative and disturb public order. The reference to the Asylum Secretary's number could put the fear of God into people and trigger hostile demos outside Ms De Block's office."