Antwerp: entire streets closed in search of drug dealing illegals

The city of Antwerp is clamping down on illegals and in particular those who earn a living as drug dealers. Antwerp police are planning operations that involve cordoning off entire streets to check everybody's identity.

The city authorities have also reached an agreement with Morocco that will allow the immediate expulsion of Moroccan illegals who are drug dealers. 25 drug dealers have been removed as a result.

A number of police operations involving the cordoning off of entire streets have already been held. Centred on northern Antwerp a thousand illegals have already been identified during such operations.

Mayor Bart De Wever: "Many countries refuse to accept subjects. It's the case with Algeria. You can arrest people, but you can't put them in gaol for ever. That's why we are negotiating with several countries. We're trying to create a win-win situation. We're making headway with Morocco."

Antwerp police are also working with the local transport company De Lijn. When a passenger cannot provide identification, the police are called in.