How common is your surname in Flanders?

Figures from the Belgian Economy Ministry show that the surnames Peeters and Janssens are the most common surnames in northern Belgium. They are followed by Maes, Jacobs and Willems in the Top 5 of Flemish surnames.

The patronymic surname Peeters, "son of Peter", is shared by 28,884 people in Flanders including its Prime Minister (photo). There are 25,964 Janssenses. Maes occurs 22,070 times, Jacobs 16,920 times and Willems 15,242 times.

The Flemish Top 10 is completed by Mertens, Claes, Wouters, Goossens and De Smet.

In Wallonia the toponymic surname Dubois is the top name followed by Lambert, Martin, Dupont and Simon.

In Brussels typically Belgian surnames such as Janssens, Peeters and Dubois occur less frequently than Diallo and Bah.

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