"Organise the Ukraine in a different way"

The Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders thinks that Ukraine should adopt a new kind of political system, giving more autonomy to the different regions, not only Crimea. Mr Reynders made his statement before leaving for Kiev with a Benelux delegation.

Could a "Belgian" system be the key to open the door to a peaceful Ukraine? Mr Reynders suggests giving different Ukrainian regions (and not only Crimea) more autonomy, to ease tensions between Ukrainians, Russians and other minorities. A new dialogue has to be started. Apart from the elections and a new constitution, the rights of minorities should be safeguarded, Mr Reynders added on the eve of his visit to the Ukraine.

The Foreign Minister takes part in a joint Benelux mission together with his Dutch and Luxemburg colleagues. "Together, we can speak louder, and we can have the same impact of a big EU country", he explains. "Moreover, Luxemburg is a member of the United Nations Security Council at present."