Quads banned in most Brussels boroughs

The Brussels Region is introducing a new traffic sign that will ban quads from the region's roads. The sign is being adopted in 18 of the region's 19 boroughs. Only affluent Ukkel has decided not to take part in the project.

A quad or quad bike is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. The move against quads started two years ago when most Brussels boroughs decided to ban the vehicle. Only the leafy suburb of Ukkel chose not to join in.

Brussels Transport Minister Brigitte Grouwels has voiced disappointment that the Ukkel authorities have decided to break ranks, but adds she can't force Ukkel to adopt the ban.

Brussels lawmaker Jef Van Damme says that quads are a real pest in the borough of Molenbeek: "There aren’t many of them, but just a few manage to upset things for everybody with lots of noise. They drive dangerously too!"