Squirrel on the menu after all

Restaurant 't Konijntje in Kluisbergen is serving squirrel soon. Earlier chef Jos Hubau shelved plans for this controversial dish after he and his family were the subject of death threats.

At the beginning of February chef Jos Hubau unveiled his plans to put squirrel on the menu saying: "They are delicious on the barbecue or grilled. The chef intended to call his new dish 'exclusive stew', but within hours of the news breaking Mr Hubau ditched his plans saying that he and his family had received several threats.

The dish has now been on the menu for a couple of weeks, but is simply being called 'Squirrel stew'. The chef told the VRT: "Like all cooks I wanted to try something new. The texture is very similar to rabbit, but the taste is more of game. It's a nice alternative to hare."

The management of restaurant 't Konijntje says that the response from customers has been extremely positive: "We do not have bad intentions. We just wanted to try something new."