Jump in stress levels at work

A survey commissioned by the European Social Fund reveals that half of all Belgians say that they are experiencing more stress at work than five years ago.

Nathalie Bekx of Trendhuis that conducted the research: "Our respondents link increased stress to increased work pressure, juggling work and personal commitments and poor management. Many are the employees that want to work from home or have flexi-time work arrangements."

The survey also shows that many highly skilled youngsters have taken a job that is below their potential or academic qualifications.

Nathalie Bekx: "Last year only one in three youngsters was doing work that didn't require any diploma at all. Today the figure is one in three. Many young people can't find a job because highly skilled candidates are getting there first. This is bad news for both the highly skilled and low skilled candidates. Don't be surprised if you encounter a receptionist with a stack of university degrees."