10 million fake cigarettes seized in Port of Antwerp

Police and customs have dismantled a cigarette smuggling ring that has been active in the port of Antwerp. The gang was specialised in bringing fake branded cigarettes into the country on a massive scale. As the daily De Tijd reports most of the smuggled cigarettes were bound for neighbouring countries and didn't end up on the Belgian market.

The fake branded cigarettes were brought into the country from China and usually ended up in Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. Antwerp judicial police and Belgian customs had been onto the smugglers for some while and had been monitoring their comings and goings. The police pounced last Friday when it was able to detain both the bigger and smaller fish.

Some ten million fake cigarettes were seized in the port of Antwerp. A further 15 million cigarettes were discovered in a hanger in Schoten (Antwerp). The judicial authorities also seized cars and other items belonging to the fraudsters.