Are the 'New Flemings' like the 'Old Flemings?'

In the run-up to the 2014 general election VRT News has commissioned a major investigation into the views and situation of Flemish people in Belgium. The result has provided a snapshot of Flanders. The survey also looked at the so called 'New Flemish' - immigrants and their sons and daughters. Researchers have come to the conclusion that many 'New Flemish' are very like the 'Old Flemish', though the figures show that there are marked differences.

Members of the ethnic minorities share the same concerns as the population as a whole: pensions, justice and health care. However, the new Flemish do seem to be a trifle more optimistic: more believe that the government - in the widest sense of the word - is doing a good job and among immigrants there is a greater feeling that Belgian justice is just justice than among the wider population.

New Flemings are less concerned that the social security system will become unaffordable and are less worried that healthcare will be abused by foreigners. They have fewer concerns about the radicalisation of Islam too.

Newcomers are more positive about immigration. A majority feels that multiculturalism enriches society.