Acquittal for driver police say drove 217km/h

A motorist that the police claim was speeding at 217km/h has been acquitted by a court in West Flanders. Police officers who sped after the driver said that they had to take their vehicle to a speed of 217km/h to keep up with him. The judge, however, is not entirely convinced that the speedometer in their car was properly calibrated.

The incident happened on a stretch of the A19 in West Flanders a year ago. The driver overtook an unmarked police car. The police vehicle reportedly had to do 234km/h to keep up with the motorist, but in order to take account of a margin of error this speed was later brought down to 217km/h. This is the speed that the officers included in the police report.

The driver enlisted the services of a good lawyer. The lawyer argued that the calibration test carried out on the police car's speedometer could not be trusted. The certificate of one of the speed cameras used to check the police car's speedometer had lapsed. Moreover, the police had failed to mention in their report that the speed they were talking about was that of the police vehicle.