Is texting passé?

Last year for the first time fewer texts or sms messages were sent using mobiles. The loss of popularity is being blamed on the success of the free WhatsApp service and the rise of Skype.

The number of texts being sent continued to rise year in, year out, but in 2013 a ceiling seems to have been reached.

Texting is on the wane across Europe. The dent in the popularity of texting was less pronounced in Belgium than in its neighbouring countries.

In 2012 the average Proximus customer dispatched 281.7 texts a month. By last year this had fallen to 271.4. Rival operator Mobistar has noticed a similar fall. Patti Verdoodt told the weekly De Zondag: "In 2013 11.955 billion texts were dispatched and that's a small decrease. Belgium's third operator Base hasn't noticed a drop in the number of texts, but their number has stabilised.