BIVV invites speeding motorists to their own funeral

The Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BIVV) has launched a confronting campaign trailer to step up the battle against excess speed. The video is part of the campaign "He went too fast" and pictures 6 fictitious people that are being invited by their friends and family to attend their own funeral.

The Belgian authorities are taking the fight against excess speed seriously. The trailer comes only a week after it was announced that speed traps will be installed across the country next week, with the police taking into account tips given by local residents to decide about the locations.

Although speeding is often trivialised, it turns out that it plays a role in 1 in 3 fatal accidents. The new BIVV campaign trailer shows how 6 people are invited to their own funeral, after they died in a road accident caused by excess speed. During the funeral, they are confronted with the pain and suffering of their friends and family, in an emotional appeal to take the foot from the accelerator.

The BIVV realises that the video could be shocking, but argues that excessive speed is one of the "killers" in traffic. "Every year, we are seeing some 15,000 accidents - which is 40 per day - which are caused by hasty drivers. The effect of these accidents is often devastating for the family and friends of the victims", says Karin Genoe of the BIVV. "This is a part of the story that we particularly want to highlight in this campaign."

On the website you can fill in a standard mail to send to your friends or family, asking them to reduce speed.