Recupel score puts Belgium among Europe's frontrunners

Recupel, the organisation collecting used electronic devices in Belgium, has released its figures for 2013. A total of 115,585 tons were collected, which equals 10.4 kilograms per person on average. The figure is also 3.25 percent up on the year.
Berthold Steinhilber/laif

Recupel has been responsible for collecting electronic waste material since 2001. Until now, they have always succeeded in improving their previous mark on a yearly basis.

Recupel General Manager Peter Sabbe is a proud man. He says awareness campaigns and special initiatives such as "Recupel on Tour" are paying off. "Belgians are concerned about the environment and know where to bring their used electronic devices, back to the shop or to the municipal waste collection unit".

The figures put Belgium among the best pupils in the European classroom. "We also see that neighbouring countries only have a very slight growth or even a decrease. Belgium has now already reached the European objectives for 2016."