Mystery euros in people's letterboxes

Local residents in the Spaarstraat in Kessel-Lo (near Leuven) found a 10 euro note in their mailbox on two occasions in recent days. A search has been started to find the benefactor, but he or she hasn't been found yet. The story is very similar to another report going back to last December, when local residents in Koksijde were surprised to find 20 euro notes in their letterbox.

The mysterious do-gooder dropped banknotes in some 150 different letterboxes, to give people in the Spaarstraat (which could be translated as "Savers' Street) a pleasant surprise. Local residents are left with some questions though: who is this person and why does he or she put money in letter boxes? Until now, the identity of the donor could not been unveiled yet.

Most inhabitants will add the money to their savings. However, some also want to do the local Robin Hood a favour in return. Others are hesitant to take the money and doubted whether it was real money, but tests revealed that this was the case, and that it was not counterfeit money.

Similar story in Koksijde

Earlier, a similar story popped up in Koksijde, at the Belgian coast. Last December, an anonymous benefactor dropped 20 euro notes in the letter boxes of an apartment building. He was eventually caught red-handed. The man explained that he inherited a big sum of money after his mother's death, and that he didn't know what to do with the cash.