"It's no longer taboo to reveal your political choice"

"People are no longer hesitant to say which party they will vote for." At least, that's according to Marc Swyngedouw, a sociologist working at Leuven University. He told the VRT radio programme Hautekiet that things are changing compared to earlier times.

For many Flemings, it's not obvious to speak out about their political choice. This is especially the case for the older generation, and less for the younger people. Times are changing, says Marc Swyngedouw. "The taboo applies mainly to the older generations, people that were born between the two World Wars. In that time, you could still lose your job if you revealed you didn't vote for the Catholic party."

Could things be different according to the kind of elections that are being held? Mr Swyngedouw thinks the difference in attitude is quite small. "It could be that the taboo is somewhat bigger for local elections, because politicians are closer to the people at that level."

The parties' manifestos have no influence on people's behaviour. "At the moment, there is no longer a party people would be ashamed for."