Final decision about new Brussels metro link

The Brussels regional government has made a final decision about the new metro link in the north of the capital. There were two options for "Metro Noord", which will link the Brussels North Station to Bordet: plan A via Helmet and Vrede, or plan B via Riga and Linde. The government has finally opted for version B, which takes a course a bit more to the north.

The new link is good news for Evere and Schaarbeek residents, who will enjoy a faster link to the centre of the capital. They will have to be patient though, as the works are only expected to start in 2018. 

The new link will have 7 different stops between the North Station and Bordet:

  • Liedts (right below Liedts Square in Schaarbeek)
  • Colignon (at the Schaarbeek City Hall)
  • Verboekhoven (with links to the Regional Express Net or GEN-network)
  • Riga (Riga Square in Schaarbeek)
  • Linde (Evere)
  • Vrede (Evere)


The final stop in Bordet is located close to the Bordet rail and tram links. The new metro line will be labelled "Line 3".