ATMs to return to metro stations

From today passengers using the Montgomery metro station in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe will once again be able to withdraw cash inside the station. Up until late last year passengers in the busier metro stations like Montgomery, Central Station and Madou were able to use ATMs provided by the bank Belfius.

However, this came to an end when the contract between Belfius and the Brussels public transport company MIVB expired and was not renewed.

By the end of June, ATMs will be available in 27 of the 59 stations on the Brussels metro network. By the end of this month ATMs will have been installed in the Roodebeek, Merode, Delta, Stokkel and Herrmann-Debroux stations.

The new ATMs are being provided by Beobank, the former Citibank Belgium. Like the Belfius ATMs before them, the Beobank ATMs in the metro can be used by customers of other banks to make cash withdrawals.