Belgian woman pulls world's best pint

Belgium's Marjolein Geuens has won this year's Stella Artois World Draught Masters. The international jury said that she pulled the best pint at the Draught Masters in Cannes.

At the Draught Masters a pint of beer has to be pulled in nine steps according to a special serving ritual. In the final Marjolein saw off competition from Britain's Nick Kerkman. She is the first Belgian woman to land this prestigious title. Earlier Marjolein also won the Belgian Draught Masters in Leuven.

Marjolein now becomes the official ambassador of the Leuven pilsner that has conquered the world.

Debora Koyama, Global Vice President of Stella Artois: "A perfectly pulled pint is an expression of respect both for the punter and the beer itself. An awful lot of talent is required in order to conquer the nine steps of the serving ritual and to be able to perform this in public."