Football: rotten food at Red Devils' hotel

There is sentiment of envy in this country among everybody who has not managed to afford or find an excuse to get to Brazil this summer, but the latest news from the hotel where the Belgian national soccer team are staying should give us food for thought.

After similar finds at the hotels accommodating the national squads of England and Italy, Brazilian food inspectors have now encoutered food that has gone off in the establishment that is offering a temporary home to Belgium's best.

The Belgians are staying at a luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro where the Spanish, Argetinian and Ecuadorian teams too are arriving soon.

Food inspectors discovered 20 kilos of bad food at this establishment. It's a lot less than the 50 kilos discovered at the hotel where the Italians are staying but still a lot more than the 2 kilos found at England's hotel.

The rotten food included noodles, fruit, shrimps, fish, meat and cheese that were no longer deemed fit for human consumption. The bad food has been seized.

Red Devils' fans need not worry - at least about the quality of the food being served to the members of the Belgian national squad - as the team is bringing along its own food reserves.