Manneken Pis becomes Manneken Milk

The Brussels Manneken Pis can be seen peeing milk today. The little feller is dressed as an African livestock keeper for the occasion of World Milk Day. The aim is to draw attention to Africa, where milk plays an important role in people's income and diet, but where milk production remains below par.

Milk is playing a crucial role in Africa to battle famine, hunger and poverty. Over a billion people in developing countries are dependent on animals for their food and their income, while 85 percent of livestock keepers are consuming the milk of their own animals.

Sub-Saharan Africa has a major problem in this respect, with cows only yielding 2 to 3 litres of milk per day, compared to 20 or 30 litres for Belgian cows. In the dry season, this is often only 1 litre, due to a lack of water, feeding and proper health care.

Various organisations and NGO's highlight the importance of milk and the problems and challenges farmers are facing in modern times. They want a fair and sound milk production in a way that would benefit farmers, the environment and consumers alike.