Already 215,000 people on insurers' blacklist

Insurers blacklisted over 80,000 individuals last year. The number is up on the year. In 2012, they had added 76,000 to their list of people who are not paying their insurance fees or who had committed fraud, mostly by making false statements about the cause of the incident.

Wauthier Robyns of the insurers' umbrella organisation Assuralia says something has to be done to stop the increase. "One of the things we are asking is to have access to the national database containing private data about Belgian residents. It would allow us to avoid problems with people we can't find because they moved to a different place." 

Assuralia explains that insurances are being extended automatically if you don't inform the insurance company in a formal way about the fact you want to quit the agreement. Insurers next send a request to pay the insurance fee, even if you don't have the intention to have the insurance extended. If you refuse to pay the bill, you end up on a blacklist for 3 years. This can explain the recent surge.