Success for polar explorer Dansercoer

The intrepid Belgian polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer and his Canadian companion Eric McNair-Landry have completed their 4,000 km kite trek around the Greenland icecap without any assistance from motorised equipment.

The two explorers were whisked off of Greenland by helicopter on Friday.

Dansercoer (51) and McNair-Landry (30) commenced their expedition on 10 April. In 55 days they covered 4,044.9 km only assisted by a kite and breaking the record for the longest unassisted kite expedition on polar ice.

During their expedition the explorers collected data for climate change research. The expedition was well-prepared and they had expected to take eighty days to complete a trek of over 5,000 km. Due to the weather and the terrain the route was curtailed.