Jewish Museum files third-party complaint

The Brussels Jewish Museum has filed a third-party complaint after the 24 May shooting. A man entered the museum on Saturday 24 May, killing 4 people in a brutal attack. Taking legal action allows the museum to get insight into the investigation.

The victims' and the museum's interests are taken care of by lawyer Adrien Masset. "The museum launched a third-party complaint because it is of the opinion that it suffered moral and material damage", Adrien Masset explains. "This will also give us access to the files, or the possibility to ask for further steps to be taken in the investigation, or to obtain the official status of victim."

Mehdi Nemmouche, the suspect in the case, was apprehended in Marseille, in southern France. A French court will make a decision about a possible extradition to Belgium on 26 June. "We have full confidence in the French judicial authorities", Adrien Masset said. While he refused to be extradited before, Nemmouche is believed he is willing to accept an extradition to Belgium on the condition that he will he not be extradited to Israel later on.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Museum remains closed. It is not clear when it could reopen its doors.