De Wever still believes in centre-right project

The Chairman of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, Bart De Wever still believes that he and his party have a role to play in the formation of a new Federal government. Speaking at a press conference in the Federal Parliament on Wednesday afternoon Mr De Wever said that the rejection of his framework document for talks on the formation of a new Federal Government by the Francophone Christian democrat leader Benoît Lutgen had left him with no choice other than to offer the King his resignation as "informateur".

"Politics is often a bad play played by very good actors. On some day even the acting is bad and yesterday was such a day", Mr De Wever continued.

Nevertheless, the nationalist leader continues to believe in a centre-right project for Belgium's Federal Government.
"I am certain that it would make it through a vote in parliament if MP voted on contents."

Mr De Wever also made it clear that he and his party remain available to form a government that will take the measures they believe to be necessary. Refering to Mr Lutgen's remarks and Tuesday that he didn't trust the N-VA, Mr De Wever said "If you don't trust people, you tell them from the outset".


Earlier Mr De Wever's party colleague and outgoing Flemish Minister Geert Bourgeois (photo) said that he regretted Mr Lutgen's rejection of Mr De Wever's framework document. "If you don't trust people and you have issues with them it is better to say straight out", Mr Bourgois told VRT radio news.

Mr Bourgeois added that he didn't understand why the Francophone Christian democrats that after three weeks of talks Mr Lutgen's party now describes the N-VA as a wolf in sheep's clothes. "If you don't trust people and you have issues with them it is better to say straight out. Especially if you claim to be a humanist."