"More night flights at Brussels Airport"

The head of Brussels Airport, Arnaud Feist, has drawn up a memorandum for the politicians involved in talks aimed at forming new Belgian and regional governments. The daily De Tijd reports that Mr Feist believes that reinforcing the airport could create 10,000 new jobs.

Brussels Airport director Feist hopes to boost employment at the airport, but adds that this requires allowing more flights per hour. He says up to 80 flights an hour should be allowed instead of 74 at the minute. Mr Feist also wants to ditch the ceiling of a maximum of 16,000 night flights per year.

"It's Kafka at the airport at the moment. Flights gain permission to take off and follow a specific route in line with the federal regulations used by Belgocontrol and are then fined by the Brussels Region because regional norms are violated."

The airport director believes that if he gets his way 10,000 extra jobs can be created within a decade, but warns: "Ignore our request and the 60,000 jobs that the airport currently provides come under threat."